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 HSGI MAG-NET Dump Pouch
The "Mag-Net" is a Magazine Dump pouch made from Heavy Duty 13oz. Mesh. Allowing the user to see what is within the pouch and allowing maximum drainage of water or dirt. It's frame uses Vinyl tubing for support and flexibility. Tubing also used within the coin purse like secured flaps to allow easy insert and extraction, unlike the baffled/draw string typed counterparts. Other dump pouches which use solid materials, the "Mag-Net" can be used to carry other various items or loose ammo such as Shot Gun Shells for example. Where each color of shell can identify itself as per it's type of load. The "Mag-Net" uses 2 small Malice© clips which are supplied to secure itself to the user's modular platform. The Mesh pouch stows away by means of a layered Cordura wraps, secured by means of hook and loop. To deploy, just pull up on a tab and the pouch unrolls. 5/30 round AK magazines or 8/30 round P-Mags © with Ranger plates can easily fit inside the "Mag-Net". Made in the USA and has HSGI's Lifetime Guarantee
  • Item #: WS00056
  • Manufacturer: High Speed Gear, Inc.


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